The aesthetic Sneeze Protective Screen, designed by architectural designer Jacques Cronje, is the result of a collaboration between minima and CONEY COLLECTIVE, who have worked together for many years producing high quality durable projects.

With our combined knowledge and experience in working with wood and perspex, we are perfectly placed to provide innovative high quality products for this newly evolving market. 

Architecture, design, decor and interiors respond to context; our needs, requirements, and desires. And our epoch. In a world of social distancing, which by all accounts will be part of the new normal for some time to come, we can expect to see several changes and adaptations, particularly to our interior spaces.

In terms of technology expect touchless switches, mobile phone operated everything (after all, no-one touches your phone except you) and voice-operated elevators, for example. With regards to physical space, expect more of it. About 1,5 to 2 meters. And where more physical space can't be provided or isn't practical or feasible to provide, especially in retail and business environments, we can expect to see protective screens of all sorts. Between customer-facing staff and customers, between staff, between customers, and at schools, between learners.



We have designed an ergonomic product to protect your staff, suppliers and customers in your POS environments: the Sneeze Protective Screen can be used in retail, local shops, chemists, dealerships, banks or any areas where there is any interaction with customers, staff or clients.


After the lockdown lifts some measures currently in play will continue; social distancing will remain for some time and the next level of health consciousness will be certain.

We all realise we cannot go back to the norm, the new norm is already establishing itself globally. Times of upheaval are always times of radical change.

Some believe the pandemic is a once-in-generation chance to remake society and build a better future. Brands will adjust to the new realities and so will people's behaviour. We believe accelerated digital migration, self-sufficient lives and next level health consciousness will be certain.


Please note that the Sneeze Screen only 'assists in protection', and does not prevent the virus. There are no guarantees against virus transmission and should be combined with all other preventive measures such as sanitizing and social distancing.